The Building

Edith Memorial Chapel and Memorial Hall.jpg

Hand-tinted glass plate negative of Edith Memorial Chapel (left) and Woods Memorial Hall (right), ca. 1905-1915

Woods Memorial Hall is a two-story rectangular structure with perpendicular pavilions and was originally dedicated as a memorial to John Cleve Green, the School's primary 19th century benefactor.  The name “Woods” was recently ascribed to honor benefactors, Henry & Janie Woods, Jr. H'40 '59 '62. Robert Swain Peabody of the architectural firm Peabody & Stearns purposefully designed the building so that its original 12 classrooms faced south to capture sunlight – the hall was constructed nine years before electric lines were established in the village of Lawrenceville.  A hallway runs along the building's northern side on both levels.  The exterior of Woods Memorial Hall is wrapped in Longmeadow brown sandstone which was transported from Massachusetts and backed with local rubble-stone.

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Woods Memorial Hall, 2018

The Building